The maximum expression of biodynamic agriculture applied to wine.

Nine limited edition labels, a unique and precious product, with an inimitable character that fully respects the soul of Tenuta Rosarubra.

The native Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, Trebbiano d’Abruzzo and Pecorino, accompanied by the international Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Merlot, Moscato and Sauvignon.

An extremely limited production, also to maximize quality and to offer a totally new experience to an audience of wine enthusiasts interested in exploring new prospectives. Each of these nine monovarietal wines bears the name of the vine with which it is vinified in purity.

vigne lomanegra

White Label

Nine limited edition labels, a unique, precious product, with an inimitable character that fully respects the soul of the Rosarubra estate.


Unlike the bottles that are sold in physical stores, the bottles of this collection are marked with a wax seal.

vigne lomanegra

Black Label

Coming soon


The line, designed for storage and aging in the cellar, will place on the market a small number of bottles that will be destined for an exclusive market niche.

Vigne Lomanegra NFT is a collection of 888 numbered bottles, produced both in digital and physical format. The latter are kept in the cellar vault and are marked with a seal that identifies the line to which they belong: White Label and Black Label.

Starting from April 8th 2022 it will be possible to purchase a first part of the collection on the Blockchain Ethereum L2 Polygon: the wines under the White Label line.

The purpose of Vigne Lomanegra NFT Collection is to create a small community of lovers of rare wines, collectors and investors who will have the opportunity to taste them once they have aged.


Vigne Lomanegra
NFT Collection

  • More than just a wine;
  • Not available in physical stores;
  • Limited quantity;
  • The only opportunity to purchase “Vigna Lomanegra” wines;
  • Collection distinguished with the Rosarubra NFT seal;
  • Each owner of NFT Vigne Lomanegra will also be the sole owner of the physical bottle, kept in the vault of the Estate, and will have the opportunity to attend the exclusive event to redeem the bottle *

* Confirmed participation to the event must be communicated within the indicated date. Otherwise, the owner will lose the right to attend the scheduled event, and the future ones, and to collect the bottle corresponding to the NFT purchased. Any travel expenses (national and international) to reach the estate during the event are the responsibility of the buyer. Further conditions are available in the dedicated section of the site.


Here are the main points of the project:

NFT White Label drop
From the 9 labels, composed of native and international vines, 888 unique NFTs will be mined..

The wines will be bottled and capped with a wax seal.

The bottles will be cataloged and hermetically sealed in the cellar vault.

NFT Black Label drop
-COMING SOON- A further selection, which corresponds to the selected crus of the estate, where with a few hectares the very best grapes are concentrated and which represent the best it can give in terms of quality of the fruit and expression of the terroir..

An exclusive wooden packaging will be created for the bottles of the Vigne Lomanegra NFT collection.

Physical event
Participation in the exclusive limited number event; access allowed only to NFT holders.

Coming Soon

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an NFT

NFT is the acronym for “non-fungible token” or a unique digital “asset”. Uniqueness is guaranteed by the blockchain.

What is Vigne Lomanegra?

Vigne Lomanegra is the premium the range of wines produced by the biodynamic Rosarubra winery that expresses the quintessence and wine excellence of the Abruzzo terroir.

What is Vigne Lomanegra NFT Collection?

For the Vigne Lomanegra wines it is recommended to age the wine in the bottle, after wood aging at the winery, however many households do not have a suitable enviroment or the ideal conditions for a good conservation of wine.

With Vigne Lomanegra NFT Collection, it will be an honor for us to be able to keep the bottles on your behalf in the best conditions of temperature and humidity, ideal for its aging.

How many items will the collection be composed of?

The collection will consist of 888 bottles, made up of 9 types of monovarietal wines, including native Abruzzo and international wines.

What distinguishes this collection?

Unlike the bottles that are sold in physical stores, the wines of the Vigne Lomanegra NFT collection are numbered, marked with a wax seal and stored for the customer in the barrel cellar of pur winery.

How can I buy the items from the collection?

To purchase a Vigne Lmanegra NFT label, you must have a crypto wallet, access Opensea and select the bottles you want to purchase on the breakfast page. All labels will be uploaded to Polygon Blockchain at a price of 0.05 ETH

Can I collect the bottles depicted in my NFTs?

It is possible to convert the bottles for the exclusive event to be held on 2024, at the Rosarubra winery, dedicated to the owners of the NFT of the collection.

What happens to the NFT once the bottle has been collected?

The NFT loses its physical value and remains the virtual one guaranteed by the blockchain.

What happens if I don't collect my bottle on time?

To guarantee the NFT owner a real correspondence of the value of the object, it will be possible to convert the bottle only during the physical event.

After the date of the event, all NFT owners will no longer be able to collect the physical bottle.

How can I whitelist?

By subscribing to the newsletter you will be informed about all the news and the details about the project, and you will also have exclusive access to the first drop of special bottles.

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