Sparkling Brut Wine

Moon is produced with Pecorino grapes cultivated at the Estate in Pietranico: the perfect sparkling wine to accompany an aperitif.


Sensory notes

Moon is made with Pecorino grapes grown at the Estate in Pietranico: a clonal selection characterized by an abundance of acidity, that leads to the production of fresh wines capable of a fermentation process in autoclave.

The Long Charmat method used to produce this sparkling wine organoleptically recalls the products obtained with the Champenoise method (or classic method): we recognize the particular aromatic notes based on the characteristic aroma and taste deriving from the progression of the yeast during the maturation of the sparkling wine on its lees.

The colour is bright straw yellow with very fine and persistent perlage. The hints of white fruit stand out with a spicy finish. On the palate it is dry, firm, harmonious and sapid. The perfect bubbly wine to accompany an aperitif.

Technical Sheet

Quality Sparkling Brut Wine



13% Vol.

Ancient vineyard located at Tenuta Rosarubra, Pietranico (PE)
Age: 18 years
Altitude: 300 s.l.m.
Type of agriculture: Biodynamic
Certifications: Organic and Biodynamic DEMETER®

Manual selection of grapes harvested in mid-September. The terroir guarantees that these grapes are exposed to optimal temperature fluctuations, together with the biodynamic farming techniques practiced on the estate, give this wine an extreme richness of floral aromas as well as a strong fruit appeal.

The Second fermentation process consists in a long Charmat method. After the inoculation of the yeasts, Moon continues to mature in autoclave for a period of no less than 10 months after which, still in an isobaric environment, it is bottled.

Sensory Analysis


“Wine prepares the hearts and makes them readier for passion”.
- Ovidio -
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