KHAOS Ancestral

Unfiltered sparkling wine

An exceptional freshness of the primary aromas originate from the grapes with an elegant and fine perlage


The sensory notes

Khaos represents Rosarubra’s interpretation of excellence in sparkling wine. This is our “Theory of all”. A journey towards naturalness, the origin, the principle that has always distinguished our company and that has led us to choose to always be in harmony with nature and with the principles of biodynamics in which we believe.

Khaos Ancestrale is a deliberately unfiltered product. Its fine and persistent perlage accompanies the harmony of the aromas of yeast, warm bread, hawthorn and citrus flowers, highlighting a perfect balance that envelopes the mouth with powerful acidity and freshness. All this makes the Khaos Ancestrale a perfect wine for aperitifs, which are based on “starters” or more important dishes. In addition to a full fish dinner, initiating with the appetizers. Because as we know in the beginning, it was Khaos.

Technical Data

Unfiltered sparkling wine



12% Vol.

Ancient vineyard within the Tenuta Rosarubra estate in Pietranico (PE)
Age: 25 anni
Altitude: 480 s.m.l.
Type of agricolture: Biodynamic certificated DEMETER®

The grapes are selected and hand picked towards mid-September. The terroir and the biodynamic farming techniques used on the estate give this wine extreme richness with floral aromas and strong fruit notes.
Manual selection of the grapes harvested in mid-September. The terroir and the biodynamic farming techniques used on the estate give this wine an extreme richness of floral aromas and strong fruit notes.

This unique sparkling wine is produced using the so called “Ancestral Method”. The grape juice is cleaned and after the fermentation starts it is immediately bottled. The second fermentation occurs within the bottle in an anaerobic environment creating the conditions of natural effervescence without the addition of yeasts or sugars. The product does not undergo disgorgement. For this reason, a slight veil of sediment remains within the bottle that determines a milky visual effect on inspecting the wine. Khaos is left unfiltered to conserve the overall natural organoleptic characteristics.

Sensory Analysis


``Wine prepares the hearts and makes them readier for passion``.
- Ovidio -
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