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Qingtian Rosarubra Trading Company

Qingtian Rosarubra
Trading Company


The Chinese company founded by Rosarubra CEO, Riccardo Iacobone, is established in Qingtian, Zhejiang Province.

Riccardo Iacobone, CEO of Rosarubra, and Zhou Yong, president of Ouqiao Trading Co., have reached a strategic cooperation, founding a company in Qingtian, Zhejiang Province, China, arousing the keen interest of the local wine industry, community, and media. The company is called Qingtian Rosarubra Trading Company.

‘Qingtian is the hometown of many Chinese residents in Italy,’ says Iacobone, ‘and is strategically interesting for the development of trade between our two countries, given the proximity of Wenzhou, Hangzhou, and Shanghai. Having a solid base in China means improving the logistic system and the quality of relations, thus deepening market understanding and mutual business.

By shipping his Italian-made wine to Qingtian, Iacobone has become one of the first representatives of Italian companies to seize the opportunity of ‘One Belt and One Road‘ (The New Silk Road) for China’s development.

One belt, one road

The New Silk Road, also known as ‘one belt, one road’, or with its corresponding English acronym OBOR (one belt, one road), is a strategic action wanted by China for the improvement of connections and cooperation between countries in Eurasia.

It is a great initiative, not only because it facilitates trade relations by connecting three continents Asia, Africa, and Europe, but also because it offers a different point of view on China from other countries.

“Italy represents the final stage of the ancient Silk Road,’ explains Zhou Yong, ‘where more than 300,000 overseas Chinese reside. The continuous deepening of the ‘Belt and Road’ and its continuous expansion has provided unprecedented opportunities for both Chinese businessmen and Italian companies, while also improving the quality of imported products”.


Italian Wine in China

Italy is not only the world’s leading wine producer, but it is also the birthplace of the world’s oldest wines, becoming a synonym for high quality and a major player in the wine world.

On the contrary, however, Chinese consumers are still more familiar with French wines. So, how should we promote and let them appreciate Italian wines, which are both high quality and cost-effective? This is a very important issue for Italian companies, but Riccardo Iacobone and Rosarubra have answered this question: they have brought the two countries closer together by creating places dedicated to tastings and learning about wine, thus establishing solid and lasting relationships.

Qingtian Lounge

The best way to learn about a bottle of wine and its territory of origin is by tasting it, in order to discover all the scents and aromas of the land that generated it.

Therefore, in addition to the QRTC company, Qingtian Rosarubra Trading Company, Riccardo Iacobone has opened the first Rosarubra wine tasting shop in Qingtian. The tasting and shopping area is located at 134 Shijin Road Youhu.

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