The perfect synthesis
between nature and human capabilities.

A dense forest of oak trees surrounds Rosarubra. While getting to the farm, the visitor has the feeling of being landed in a fairy place from another time, where the only noise is that of the wind through the woods and native wildlife present on the lakes within the estate.

Rosarubra is situated in a small town called Pietranico in the province of Pescara wich is roughly 390 meters above sea level. The appoximate 30ha represent a unique, pleasant and unspoilt place where biological and biodynamic agricolture blens with its own essence.

The company, biologically certified in 2003, adopts a biodynamic agricoltural system improving the soil fertility and food product quality.

The history related to the lands informs us on the agricoltural vocation of the place for vine cultivation. It’s now certain that ever since the beginning of these areas drecreeing its starting point for the spread of the latter all over the region.

You can come across the highest number of “palmenti” dug in the rocks in the territory around Pietranico. These tubs, dating back to the middle ages were real squashing tools used especially for this particular procedure since ancient times.

The Winery

Oasis biodynamic


Rosarubra logo

Many friends have asked us what is the meaning of the Rosarubra logo. In truth each one of us has his own: a stylised rose, the shape of the farm with the pond in the center and others. But perhaps most true is that, beyond the intentions of those who created it, the logo expresses an impression (which we would reluctantly define as ‘feeling’) of care and protection of something that is precious to us and can be called several ways: nature, earth, care to do things well, pleasure to express ourselves best with elementary materials.

In short, a hand safeguarding a small heart.


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